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Music Instrument Rental Program

Judah's Camp School of Music proudly provides high-quality instruments for rent. Inquire today.

Trusted by Parents

Parents have trusted us with instrument rentals for years

Best Quality and Educator-Approved

No Commitment

Cancel anytime. Exchange or return when you're finished using

Repairs and Maintenance

All instrument repairs and maintenance are done by our experienced instructors

Instrument Rental

  • Instrument Rental

    Every month

For Parents

Our Instruments Are Educator-Approved

We've got resources designed to make your life easier. Our educational representatives, Be Part of The Music recruitment assets, teaching resources, white papers, group instrument rentals, and music educator support center will help your music program shine.

Affordable Way to Try Without a Large Investment

Renting is a great way for your child to try an instrument without

the need to make a substantial up-front investment.

Free Exchanges

If your child outgrows the instrument, changes to another instrument or it's time to upgrade past the beginner model, you can exchange your child's instrument for one of equal or greater value.

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