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Class Experience 

At Judah's Camp School of Music, we pride ourselves on curating a safe and fun learning environment. Each instructor has taken time to create a classroom experience that is unique to every student. We have developed a stress-free learning approach for our students. Our school provides all curricula to each student based on their skill level. We encourage students to bring a notebook and writing utensils for note-taking purposes. 


Students will learn music theory and all the skills and techniques necessary to help them play their instruments. Every week, the students are given assignments to continue practicing at home. We encourage parents, family members, and friends to participate in these assignments as it will help motivate each student to continue practicing their instruments in the comfort of their home. 


What you'll learn

Music Theory, Instrument Skills Training



Homework will be assigned.


Parent Participation

In-class parent participation is optional, but always encouraged


What To Bring

Notebook, writing utensils,
Curriculum is provided by School


Music Instrument Rental Program

Judah's Camp School of Music proudly provides high-quality instruments for rent. Inquire today.

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